Every Monday I post a new song that’s been knocking around in my head and playing on repeat as I write. Sometimes these songs affect my writing, or give me ideas, or they’re just the right tone of what I need to listen to. My author friends like to hit me up for song / artist suggestions because I find a bunch of random greatness on Spotify (one of my major addictions). To make it easier for you to see what’s on my personal writing playlist, I decided to gather them all here. You can look up these songs on your own, or use the links to go to the blog post itself! I try to always include a YouTube video of the song for instant gratification.

I’ve also set up a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure if you just want to sit back & enjoy:

#MusicMonday from Jennifer Bene @ Spotify

You can also listen along with me LIVE (if I’m listening to spotify) using

Enjoy, lovelies!


PS – If any of the YouTube videos have been taken down / don’t work anymore, please shoot me an email so I can fix it!

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