It’s #MusicMonday and I had the great pleasure of spending Friday with my amazing and wonderful friend writing and hanging out and drinking wine and… basically lounging in a hotel room together and never leaving our yoga pants! It was fantastic, and in-between the writing one of our favorite things is to play songs for each other. We run through our current favorites and when I played ‘Straight Shooter’ by Skylar Grey she instantly shazam’d it and we ooh’d and aah’d together over the fantastic rhythm and the kick-ass lyrics. Of course, that meant I had to share it with all of you for Music Monday this week! ENJOY!


Married into this family, and I’m datin’ a bunch of outlaws.
Even the children drawing guns out of little crayon box,
playing with scissors, cuttin’ straight to the point,
Don’t need to beat around the bush, we takin’ shots to the groin.

Take what I want, take what I need, and do it all with dignity.
Say what I want, say what I need,
and I don’t need you to agree.

I don’t spit before I fuck it,
got a, got a hand on my pistol in my pocket.
I don’t play nice, I’m not a shit-talker,
I’m a straight shooter, now just give me the money, honey.
Straight shooter now just give me the money, honey.
Straight shooter now just give me the money…
Got a hand on my pistol in my pocket,
I’m a straight shooter, and just give me the money, honey.

I ain’t kissin’ no ass, but I’m makin’ out like a bandit.
I’m brutally honest when I’m mouthin’ off, here’s a bandage
They say I’m savvy for my age and savage as any devil,
but at least I’m no imposter strapped in Jesus sandals.

Dear, all the beauty with the lonely frames.
Who whispers every word you want to hear?
Evil is either underneath our graves,
and poison all the flowers in her hair…


‘Straight Shooter’ by Skylar Grey