It’s Music Monday again and I have ‘Tiptoe’ by Gracie and Rachel! I, of course, stumbled on this song one week when I was listening to music on Spotify and the clarity of her voice just stunned me and caught my attention. The whole song is this beautiful, vocal and lyric driven work with the softest background music driving the rhythm. And the video they put out for it (below)? It’s art. It’s so beautiful and fits the song so well. This is definitely a story I’d like to know, check out the lyrics below (but scroll down first and click the video!).

A few of my favorite lyrics…

Blonde hair, blue eyes
Violin and black and white
Short skirts, tight pants, clean shoes
Won’t deliver the news

What’s she gonna play, what’s she gonna play
What’s she gonna play, what’s she gonna play,
what’s she gonna play
Got nothing to say, got nothing to say
Gonna wash away, got nothing to say,
gonna wash away

Running naked through your streets
Sharing clothes and whacking weeds
Bring in a crowd, fill up the house and play
Hold on to their eyes, make them all wise,
show them the way

‘Tiptoe’ by Gracie and Rachel