Honestly, I had to double-check that I hadn’t already used ‘This Life’ by Josef Salvat on a previous #MusicMonday because this song has been on my writing playlist forever. But, apparently, I have not which means you all definitely need to hear it. In general I just LOVE Josef Salvat’s voice, and music, but this is one that just always catches my ear and makes me fall in love all over again. From the alternate from spoken word style lyrics to him singing with a strong instrumental backing is … phenomenal. Of course, like most of my favs, the lyrics are phenomenal too. Enjoy, lovelies!

PS – I didn’t realize this but the last #MusicMonday was number 100! This is 101, but I just had to acknowledge that achievement. I’ve done this for over 100 weeks! Crazy! Fortunately, I still have many more songs to share, lovelies.

Favorite Lyrics

Let me get straight to it,
I’ve bit off more than I could chew.
I felt the sting and slap of failure, missed my due,
like a hard knife, cutting through a slice
of ego of ambition yeah put me off my mission.
I’ve been wandering alleys in a dirty shirt,
taking this and that ’cause I had so much hurt.
I’m not plying you with liquor
for your tongue to get a flicker,
I just need to tell my story,
if you’re drunk I’ll get done quicker.

Hey, hey, gotta keep the hope up,
gotta keep your eye on the prize.
Hey, hey, gotta keep the highs up,
I’m an optimist of the most dangerous kind.
There is more to this life,
I must believe there is more to this life.
There is more to this life,
I must believe that there is more to this life.

Let me get straight to it,
there’s more explaining I could do,
but I am here just for diversion,
as are you.
Don’t mean to jump the gun,
but we could have some fun.
There’s little sense in dishing,
since I’ve noticed you’re not listening. (Ohh…)
I’m feeling fairly lucky,
I’ve been surfing shadows of success in my dreams.
And, yes, I know my guard’s down,
but I don’t mind if you see.

‘This Life’ by Josef Salvat