This week’s Music Monday is showing up a little late in the day because I was out all weekend with one of my best friends and didn’t have the chance to get this post prepped! Still, I’ve got a great song for you this week, ‘Know Your Exit’ by Vivian Darkbloom. I’m currently working away on edits to ‘Tara’, book 2 in my Daughters of Eltera series, and I’ve been excited to hear how many people have been hoping for me to continue the series after ‘Fae‘ came out last year. (PS – ‘Fae‘ got a new cover this past week, scroll back in the blog to check it out!).

Now, I love the lyrics in this song, so I wanted to share some:

Am I really happy?
or am I really freaking out?
I ask myself these questions
whenever I’m not myself,
whenever I’m not myself.
And there’s no one, no one,
to set me straight, when I’m uneven.

‘Know Your Exit’ by Vivian Darkbloom