This song is not one of those that grabbed me the first or second time I listened to it, but Spotify kept dropping it onto my ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist like some insistent nudge that I needed to pay attention to it. When I finally stopped long enough to listen to the lyrics I realized why, its definitely written for those of us that are so caught up in life that we sometimes lose sight of the people around us. I spend so much time trying to be so many things for so many people that sometimes I lose myself, and the two lines that just killed me with their accuracy were: “Baby life is better when you can’t remember, / everything you’re supposed to be.” Truer words were never spoken or sung. Then in the next verse she talks about staring into the rear view (hindsight is 20/20 afterall) and she just kind of rails on herself for a minute. I just really connect with the lyrics on so many levels and I hope you do too. The whole song has this very sedate quality to it, even with the upbeat instrumental behind it, but I think it’s one of those songs that will hit everyone with some truth in one way or another. Enjoy, lovelies.

Favorite lyrics…

I’ve been thinking ’bout you baby,
’bout you lately,
about us.
And I’ve been feeling kinda sad,
and oh so very bad,
They’re hanging in the dark.

Baby life is better when you can’t remember,
everything you’re supposed to be.
Maybe it’s forever,
I’ll never remember,
everything you meant to me.

Dum-da-da, dum-da-da, dum-da-da,

I’ve been glancing in the rear view,
get a clear view staring into glass.
I’m no sucker,
I’m a motherfucker,
I’m gonna grab my luck and take a chance.

‘Everything You Meant to Me’ by Kita Klane