It’s fourth of July here in the states and we’re celebrating our independence, and I feel like this song (‘Walk on By’ from Noosa) has a bit of that in it. It’s hard to tell from the lyrics, but I always get the sense that it’s a woman reflecting on love that just wasn’t right at the moment, someone she had to let go, or who let go of her, and she’s accepting it. Accepting that being separate was necessary, but she hopes he still loves her, because she still loves him. There’s an entire love story in these lyrics, and it’s tempting to write a book for it! Scroll down and hit play and listen for yourself! The video is gorgeous.

A few of my favorite lyrics…

Run when the rhythms right
Go into the night
Go until you’re out of sight
And you’re out of my mind
Lost in the midnight blue shadows of the moon
Here with open arms for you, feeling something so new
Said with me you’d reach the sun
Oh but we were so young
Love me ’till the summer’s done But keep me in your heart so i hold on

So walk on by, I’ve got no reason to love you but I do, I do, I do

‘Walk on By’ by Noosa