Just like Thankful Thursday, this little random day-of-the-week event started because I was posting on FB and people seemed to like it. Music Monday began when I was furiously writing and started posting youtube links to songs that were landing on my writing playlists, and people loved the songs and enjoyed talking about them in the comments. (Side note: my main writing playlist is called ‘Writing Dark’, which tends to make my friend Myra Danvers laugh – but she always appreciates the music suggestions).

So, to start this off officially, and help all of us start our week’s off on the right foot, I felt like I needed to revisit the one that became an earworm for many of my friends.

PS – the video for this is just cool.

Currently, I’m working on revising and adding an extended extra to my BDSM menage book, ‘Reunited’! Keep checking the blog for snippets on the blog hops!

So, I can’t stop listening to this song. The LYRICS. His VOICE. I love it.

“We Have it All” by Pim Stones