Ohhhh, lovelies, I have the HOTTEST song for you guys today, ‘Easy’ by Son Lux. It’s slow and seductive with some very curious lyrics, and the video below is totally NSFW, but filled with BDSM sexiness (hello, shibari! and I didn’t know this until I’d already picked the song, but now I’m even more excited). I’ve had this song on various playlists for what feels like forever, but I kept forgetting to mention it on #MusicMonday. Anyway, I highly recommend finding a private place to watch the video below and enjoy. I need all the inspiration I can get right now, because I’ve got writer’s block like nobody’s business. It’s hell on earth, because this just doesn’t happen to me. I need all the good inspirational hot songs and images right now!

Favorite Lyrics

Easy, easy…
Pull out your heart to make the
being alone
easy, easy. (x2)

Easy, easy…
You break the bridle to make
losing control
easy, easy.
Crushed what you’re holding
so you can say letting go is
easy, easy.

Oh, easy, easy…
Burn all your things
to make the fight to forget
easy, oh, easy. (x2)

‘Easy’ by Son Lux