It’s another Music Monday and I found the perfect song by Of Verona… ‘Dark in my Imagination’! I mean, really, for all of us dark erotica lovers? This is the perfect song. All of our imaginations are so deliciously dark. I already loved Of Verona from several other songs and then this one popped up on my Spotify mix and I immediately stood to attention. You’re going to love it (go ahead and scroll down and hit play!). The video from them is pretty cool because it has the lyrics on it as well.

Just a heads up that Lethal Sin is officially available for pre-order on Amazon, or you can just get it free for signing up on my mailing list! It’s a blast, and people have been sending me some great feedback. Watch out next Monday because that’s when it goes live and you can all post reviews!

Back to the music though… here’s some of the lyrics that just made me sit there and dance in my chair while listening:

There’s something in the look you give
I can’t help myself I fall
I can’t help myself at all
There’s something in your touch when we kiss
I scream god forgive me please
‘Cause I want you on your knees
I don’t wanna think about it now
I know I wont get out if I fall in
So I don’t wanna think about it now
It’s dark in my imagination
It’s dark in my imagination

‘Dark in my Imagination’ by Of Verona