#MusicMonday is late, but the song also happens to be ‘The Great Shipwreck of Life’ by IAMX which is hilariously appropriate, but it’s because I was partying it up in Atlanta with the lovely ladies from Blushing Books and having the loveliest of times with so many people. IAMX has been on #MusicMonday before and ‘The Great Shipwreck of Life’ is a song that always catches my attention. It’s such a good one, and definitely fun to listen to because it’s got a great beat / rhythm that is almost upbeat except that the lyrics are kind of dark and strange. I love it. Enjoy!

Favorite Lyrics

We can make you understand…
We can make you understand…

Play with me.
You can make the love, I’ll make the money.
Stay with me.
Shut out the world, live underneath the city.

Release cold gender bombs
On colonial closet middle England

Stay with me,
I’ll be Peter Pan and you just be pretty.

To the brave and the petrified,
we all fall down.
To the slave and the civilized,
we all fall down.
To the lovers we left behind,
the bad days, the good nights,
in the great shipwreck of life,
we all fall down.

We light up the bars of the world
with the decadent essence of innocence
So free but sharp
We can be the satellite guiding through the dark.

‘The Great Shipwreck of Life’ by IAMX