First things first on this #MusicMonday, I am a big Panic! At the Disco fan in general, but their music is so fun that I generally don’t listen to them when I’m writing because I’ll just end up bouncing around the room singing and dancing like a wild child. (Girls Girls Boys is an excellent example of that, but they have tons). But then they ended their ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’ album with this song and it just showcases not only Brendon Urie’s fantastic voice, but also the solid skill they have as a band. Just. So. Good. And you can’t beat the ultra simple lyrics which feel like a slow motion heartbreak to me. Enjoy, loves, and then cheer yourself up by playing a ton of their other music at high volume and get your dance on for me!

Favorite Lyrics

Whether near or far
I am always yours
Any change in time
We are young again
Lay us down
We’re in love [2x]
Aaaahhhh [4x]
In these coming years
Many things will change
But the way I feel
Will remain the same
Lay us down
We’re in love [2x]

‘The End of All Things’ by Panic! At the Disco