This week I’ve got Lauren Aquilina’s ‘Forest Fires’ up and it’s weird because I first heard it on a Spotify playlist, but then I started hearing it on television and in movies! Apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys her hauntingly sweet voice and the surprisingly sad lyrics. While I’ve been listening to a lot more aggressive songs while writing ‘Early Sins’ (see ‘Sucker for Pain’ last week), this is like a cool bath in a dark room. I definitely like it! Scroll down and hit play to enjoy.

Favorite lyrics…

The people on this train
Already made up their minds about me
I can already feel their hate
The stranger, his sorrow
Must be fault of my own

And whilst I watch in silence
You’re starting Forest Fires
You start them just to feel the heat
And whilst I keep my quiet
You’re running with the tigers
You’re running just to run from me

And I don’t blame you…
And I don’t blame you…
And I don’t blame you…
Who would wanna be around me

‘Forest Fires’ by Lauren Aquilina