It’s #MusicMonday, lovelies, and we’re back from the hectic Easter weekend and I’m finally back to my normal grind of a day job. No more excitement until the end of the month when I get to run off to Atlanta and hang out with some of my favorite author friends at the Blushing Books event (preceding the Romantic Times RT convention). Check out my events tab if you’re curious about it, but I, unfortunately, can’t stay for RT. It’s expensive and I’ve never found it very helpful, or a very successful promotional opportunity for my brand of dark and dirty. ;p

I’ve been holding onto this song for a while, and I heard it when I was writing on the plane back from Vegas again and I just knew I had to use it today! iET starts off the song with this almost rap, the chaos of being overwhelmed by love, but then she suddenly shifts the song and she has this wonderful voice, rich and warm, and the lyrics take you on a meandering story that you can just FEEL. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy this one lovelies.

Scroll down, hit play on the song (no video for this one) and then enjoy the amazing lyrics!


All I know is when I chance a touch,
and when you receive it, and love,
twenty seconds in one hour’s enough
to remind me that I need this warmth.
All I know is that I can’t be alone.
Anybody with two eyes, and that’s grown,
that’s open to the air that you blow,
keeps me company in this pink abode.

But I want you to be ignorant to the fact,
that I’m like a heatwave, but I bet you felt that.
And with all theses flames that could turn the sun black,
I’m going against nature, holding this heat back.
Spark lit, so addicdicted,
Dis-play in my brain, doing it’s bit,
with the heart restrained, all I can do is sit,
with flooding eyes and drying ink.

When you enter the room, it’s unfair.
Suddenly my mind gets clear – then goes blank.
Struggling not to disappear or be bare.
But then no pain exists when you’re there.
Do I need to let love lead, even if it leads me to leave?
And you’re not what I need, and you’re just an idea.
and I can’t even see what you’re like for real.
Both surprised, both release…

Oh, war…
All I want to do is be around your air.
And be myself, as naked as I can be with you.
If you please, accept me for who I am.
So I can – be free in my, love in my,
trust in my feelings and myself, and my…

But love you, yeah, I love you.
Oh, I love you.
Oh, I never expected to be… me, again.
And oh I’m so excited,
to tell you that I want you but –
but – but what?

But what? Really what?
What is the problem?
Love is love. Love is love.
That’s all that matters, right?
Love is love, love is love, love is love… (repeat)

‘Love is Love’ by iET