This week’s Music Monday is by one of my favorite artists Lo-Fang that I’m so bummed more people don’t know about. His voice, and his lyrics, are spectacular, and this song in particular always gives me the shivers. Just the lyrics he uses are so powerful, and this one has some especially sexy undertones and dark themes that made it a must-have on my ‘Writing Dark’ playlist which I always turn on whenever I’m writing something particularly devious.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

Baby, come up to my office
You played at my party
I owe you some money
You owe me your lips
I’m gonna give tips
I heard your boyfriend’s out of town

Baby, aren’t you hungry?
I could give you codeine
Or could get my car keys
Oh, what a cute dress
Right now it’s useless
I heard your boyfriend’s out of town

Boris by Lo-Fang