This week I found a song that fit SO PERFECTLY with the book I’ve been writing (and the prequel I’ll release later this year) that I couldn’t resist putting it on Music Monday right away. Josef Salvat is an artist I’ve loved for years, but I apparently haven’t heard all of his music and when ‘Shoot and Run’ came on while I was working this week, I stopped still. The lyrics are so incredibly perfect for Camille, the feisty assassin from the book ‘Lethal Sin’ that I’ll be releasing FREE to everyone on my mailing list in April. Really, these lyrics give you an idea of how Camille got into the criminal underworld, and I can’t wait to share that story with you as well. Eventually.

Enough with my rambling, let’s get to the lyrics:

When she was young, they gave her a gun
And said shoot and run
It’s a job well done
It’s a job well done
If you speak its language
It will do the rest
A little too soon she put it to the test
She put it to the test

Happy hunter, ripe fresh kill
On to the next one, gotta chase the thrill
You gotta chase the thrill
If you wanna have fun you gotta shoot and run
Leave it fleeted all behind, behind, behind, behind!

Oh, she doesn’t know much
But she knows this
Life’s too short not to take risks
Oh, she steals herself and she doesn’t give a fuck
She pulls the trigger and lives it up

‘Shoot and Run’ by Josef Salvat