I’m sure just by the title of this song, you know why it’s on #MusicMonday today. Ha! ‘Blindfold’ by Sleeping Wolf is hot and kinky and dark and I love it. It’s a must have on my writing playlist and as you listen (or watch their lyric video below) I think you’ll fall in love with it too. Personally, I’m still exhausted and riding the high of the BookBub yesterday. ‘Early Sins’ is still in the top-500 on overall Amazon, top 10 in various Romance categories, and I’m thrilled to have so many people reading Camille’s backstory. Don’t forget though, Lethal Sin (Book 1) is on sale as well! <3 Let’s listen to this awesome song now…

Favorite Lyrics

Pull me in.
No, I cannot resist
every time your gravity
has a hold on me.
Shed your skin,
you’re just a counterfeit.
Dressing up an empty heart,
I know who you are.

So use your… So use your…

Cover your hands on my
eyes, closed.
Do it again .
Tie me up and show me what’s real.
Hate your love, but love how you feel.
trying to fight,
and the truth is
I’d rather be blind!

In the dark.
I need to taste the blood.
Go on draw another line,
we can cross this time.
Battle scars.
Your touch is not enough,
I need you to pierce my veins,
and become my pain.

‘Blindfold’ by Sleeping Wolf