So, I promised myself this week I was going to use a different song (one by Damien Rice which I absolutely adore) but instead I’ve found myself obsessively listening to the entire Wolves album by Former Vandal. I also promised myself I would work on a special Thalia novella for everyone, but the muses struck and I’ve found myself working on the prequel to Lethal Sin while my editor tears through Tara (book 2 of the Daughters of Eltera series). Which means that THIS song, has been on repeat, because it’s fantastically perfect. What song am I talking about? ‘If the Money’s Good’ by Former Vandal!

This is a kickass song, and so perfect for Camille’s early days and how she stumbled her way into the assassin life. I think that everyone who enjoyed Lethal Sin is going to love her prequel, even though it’s darker and grittier (if you thought that was possible!).

Favorite lyrics?

‘Cause I plan on not dying and I don’t care how
(You always want more)
The money makes up for a good time, good time
And I’ll do what I need to survive, survive
It’s not like I’m dead inside
But you gotta kill your morals if you wanna survive
‘Cause the guilt’s not heavy
if the cash flows steady
I’d sell my own soul
if the money’s good.

 Don’t try to rationalize
‘Cause you’ll never make sense of it
‘Cause it’s kill or wait to be killed
You’re the only one who benefits
‘Cause I don’t trust no one and I won’t start now
(It’s a bloodsport)
‘Cause it’s dog eat dog
so you do what you need
‘Cause you gotta eat somehow

‘If the Money’s Good’ by Former Vandal