There is just something about ‘Unconsolable’ from X Ambassadors that always has me dancing in my seat, and the lyrics are just so good because they can mean anything to anyone. It always makes me think of when I hit the dark places and even my best friends can’t pull me out because I’m just trapped with the demons and they’re the only ones I can hear. You just feel unconsolable, uncontrollable, in those moments, and I feel like the X Ambassadors capture that in a twisty, almost pop-style way. I love so many of their songs, but this is one I come back to over and over. Also, take a few minutes and really watch the video below. Their music video follows two boys taken into foster care, and separated when one runs off, and they find each other years later – both unconsolable, until they have each other. Surprise tear jerker, right? This band has so many layers. I love it. Enjoy, lovelies!

Favorite lyrics…

I hope we stay
Thick as thieves
Butter and bread
Pillars on colonial homes
And I wish I could shout you out
False start

. . .

And you said you are
And you said you are, are
And you said you are, are
Unconsolable, Uncontrollable

Come up to my house,
drink with my friends.
You can lay on my couch,
aching to start all over again.
Go on back to your room.
Wait a minute, it’s my room.
Was it something I said?
Was it something I said?

‘Unconsolable’ by X Ambassadors