Today’s Music Monday is brought to you by the lovely Lee Savino, a good friend of mine (and fantastic author).  She is one of the people who checks my Music Monday every week and we have very similar tastes in music, so when she suggested Jarryd James’ ‘Do you Remember’ I totally agreed. I’ve loved this song since I first heard it, the video is better than I even thought it would be, and as she says… the lyrics are fantastic too!

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Awesome lyrics…

Oh, don’t be scared about it
Don’t forget it was real
Do you remember the way it made you feel?
Do you remember the things it let you feel?
How do I make you stay,
When it’s easier to let you go?
Nobody knows what we know about it
No one needs to know
Call me when you’ve made up your mind but you won’t
Caught up in a way that you played my heart
Only love could ever hit this hard
‘Do You Remember’ by Jarryd James