Corrupt Desires

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Phee knows that girls like her don’t get the fairytale…

Falling for a man like Bryant Holbrook is just begging for heartbreak. Rich boys don’t look twice at waitresses from the fog, at least... not until now. One smart-mouthed taunt and his turquoise eyes are all over her. That cocky, bad boy grin tempting her with the impossible.

It should have stayed a one-night stand.

Now, it’s too late.

Phee is pulled into a world of danger and corruption where Bryant must put everything at risk to keep her safe, or risk losing her to keep his father’s dream alive.

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1 review for Corrupt Desires

  1. Martha J Lindblom

    WOW, WOW, WOW. What a story. Originally this was called Of Fog and Fire which I read, but Jennifer has gone in and really changed and improved it. I will say she added more sexy scenes and gave you a deeper look into each of the characters. You will fall in love with Bryant and Phee along with Easton and Regan. I will not tell you about the story because I want you to read and enjoy like I did. I will say this is HEA. Enjoy.

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