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One father. Two brothers.

But there can only be one perfect son.

Luke. Pater. Dad. The man left behind more than just a legacy when he died, and ten years is a long time to be without a guiding hand. I’ve done my best, tried to follow the rules my father bestowed on me when I was young, and now I have to fulfill a promise.

I have to bring Cleo home.

The only issue is that Dad had more secrets than I ever knew. Another son, an entire family that think they’re following in Dad’s footsteps—but they’re wrong.

Bryden is wrong.

His picturesque family isn’t part of the Greene legacy no matter what he says, or what last name he uses, and there’s no way Skylar and I are joining him. I won’t bend to his will.

Not for him. Not for anyone.

After all, I am my father’s son.

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