Crazy Broken Love

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Without order, without the rules, she'll go mad.

Amy has issues, but she's organized her life in such a way that the Noise will never reach her again. No one understands it, understands her, except for the one who writes her messages with perfectly counted words.

Equilibre, whose name is French for balance, made up of nine letters. Three times three.

And he wants her.


Note: This book discusses OCD and may trigger some readers. Please read with self-care in mind.

2 reviews for Crazy Broken Love

  1. Deborah Gile

    If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have OCD, look no further. This story will allow you to see it, plainly. Groups of three. These are Amy’s perfection. Groups of seven are Colton’s desire. Together they make each other whole. Together they can quiet the distracting Noise.

  2. Martha J Lindblom

    This is a very difficult review to write. This is a very emotional book. Jennifer did an excellent job in writing this book. I cannot tell you much without spoiling the story for you. Just keep an open mind and just think if part of this book does not apply to you. “Do you count squares or try not to step on a crack because it might break your mother’s back”? Enjoy.

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