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I didn’t want to be this man.
I never wanted to be like my father.

I just wanted to be loved by him. Accepted. That’s how this happened, that’s how I became this person. Too many years of listening, too many years craving his approval. His words burned into my mind.

And now I crave things the world says I shouldn’t.

I open doors that should remain closed. I cross lines meant to be straight and narrow. But they’ll understand, they’ll see just like I did.

This is the right way of things. The way it’s meant to be.

And whether I have his name or not, at least I’ve finally become the perfect son.

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1 review for Burned

  1. Martha J Lindblom

    This is a hard review to write. What we think as a normal happy family is not what Bryden wants for his family. He wants to “love” each member equally. He is crazy and is making the kids crazy. There is not HEA and if you have trigger points this is not for you.

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