Black Light: Exposed


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This BDSM club is just the story Maddie needs…

She’d always wanted to be a reporter, but after two years of disappointmentin Washington, D.C. a job finally opens at The Washington Post – andMaddie is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

The stakes are high…

There’s a secret buried beneath the floors of Runway, and when Maddieinvestigates she stumbles right into the arms of Thomas Hathaway.Gorgeous and dominant, he is more than willing to show the feistyredhead just how he likes to play inside the exclusive BDSM club, BlackLight.

And he’s more than just research…

Now Maddie is trapped in a web of lies, getting tied up in ropes by one ofthe hottest congressmen in the House, and as she sinks deeper into thisworld of pain and pleasure she knows she will have to make a toughchoice before time runs out.

But will she follow her dreams or her heart?

Get ready for spankings, bondage, drama, and heartache, as you followMaddie and Thomas through all of your deepest fantasies in ‘Black Light: Exposed’, a stand-alone book in the Black Light Series!

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