Black Light: Charmed (Book 18)

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Cassandra is everything I'm not. Kind, warm, optimistic... happy.

If I was less of a selfish prick, I'd walk away. But I can't.

It was supposed to be one night of fun, but ten months after Valentine Roulette he can't get the feisty model out of his head. She's invaded his dreams, ruined every session at Black Light, and it's been four months since she even returned a text.

This isn't him.

Logan Chisholm doesn't obsess over women.

He doesn't replay every sweet cry he drew from their lips, doesn't remember the way their smile changes when they laugh, but Cassandra Moreira is different.

He has to figure out if their chemistry was real... or just part of the game.

Luckily, Christmas has come early this year, because she's back in L.A. and he's not letting her leave again without getting a second date.

And this time he won't take no for an answer.

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1 review for Black Light: Charmed (Book 18)

  1. Martha J Lindblom

    OMG!!! What an emotional story. The difference between Cassandra who is a brat and Logan who is so serious. It is amazing how they ever could be together. Total opposite and yet the sex between them is explosive. You need to read this very emotional story. Enjoy.

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