Huge Omegaverse 6k Giveaway!

Attention Omegaverse Fans!

There’s only a few days left to sign up for your chance to win what is now 20 signed paperbacks! That’s right!

Participating Authors: Addison Cain, Myra Danvers, Kathryn Moon, Hannah Haze, Lily Archer, V.T. Bonds, Isoellen Writes, Livia Bourne, Alison Aimes, Golden Angel, Leann Ryans, Thora Woods, Sarah Blu, Vivian Murdoch, Sara Fields, Sinclair Kelly, Lola Rock, and Lana Kole are giving you SO MANY BOOKS if you win!

Contest closes August 1st, and all you have to do is subscribe below!


It’s my birthday, and that means I get to do what I want, and what I want to do today is thank each and every one of YOU lovely people for supporting me and having my back in one of the darkest spots I’ve had. It means the world to me to be a part of this amazing tribe of dark and twisted people who love better than anyone else I know. <3
AND because I wanna do it, I’m giving away unlimited FREE copies of ‘Security Binds Her’ (Book 1 of the Thalia Series) and I highly encourage you to share and share and share!
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ALSO! Anyone who comments with a “thank you!” or a comment about the book if you already have it will be entered to win a SIGNED PAPERBACK of the Thalia Series! Which, coincidentally, also serves as a wonderful bludgeoning tool if you should need it. (For real, it’s fucking massive).
Anyway, lovelies! It’s my bday and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone in the world more than you guys! ENJOY! SHARE! READ THE DARK AND TWISTED! I love you all! <3
PS – contest will end sometime tomorrow… or the next day. Whenever I remember to turn off the download and pick a winner! It’s open to newsletter peeps too! <3


In celebration of the release of ‘Black Light: Roulette Redux’ we are offering one hell of a giveaway for all of our favorite readers! Black Collar Press is thrilled to offer signed paperbacks from each of the standalone books in Black Light Season One, as well as a Kindle Fire!! All of it packaged inside a beautiful, handmade purple bag from Maggie Ryan!
How do you enter to win????
➡️ Click here to see the OFFICIAL post!
** NOTE: Commenting on this post will NOT enter you. You must click the above link to enter on the Black Collar Press page! Why not give it a “like” while you’re there so you never miss a single sexy, BDSM fueled book?! You know you want to, lovelies! ???? **

Pre-order ‘Imperfect Monster’! Get signed paperbacks + a free book! ????

‘Imperfect Monster’ releases January 20th! Pre-order this new dark romance now!

Hey there, lovelies!

Look at that, it’s a new year already! I have no idea how that happened, but 2018 is positively glittering with potential, and no matter what else is going on in your life I can promise you a year filled with some stellar releases. I’ve declared this “the year of HOT dark romance” for me, and I’ve committed to making this year my complete bitch. Starting right fucking now!

If you snagged a copy of the Hero Undercover boxset in 2017 you’ve already met Andre and Nicky in the novella ‘Monster’, but their story stopped short, and I’m here to tell you that it was most definitely not over! I knew I wanted to continue their intense, dark romance in a full-length and I’m so excited to be bringing it to you on JANUARY 20TH!

This new release is called ‘Imperfect Monster’ and while I have edited the original story a bit, I mostly spent the last month working my ass off to add a TON more to give you a full-length, standalone, thrilling, dark romance that will most definitely keep you up all night to find out what happens to them as you discover how these two get their HEA… because you know I like to make them work for it. ????

Check out the blurb below, and then pre-order while it’s only $2.99! Then enter the contest to win a signed paperback and a Kindle Fire! INTERNATIONAL ELIGIBLE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Cold, ruthless, vicious.

I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it… until she stormed into the house like some avenging Valkyrie.

Brave, stupid, beautiful.

Nicky just wants to save her brother. She showed up with an envelope full of cash and a smart mouth and found herself in a den of monsters. I wish I could say I was the best of them, I wish I could say I wanted to protect her — but I’m far from perfect and she’s so damn sweet.And all I want is a taste before this world destroys her.

* * *

Want to win a Kindle Fire + signed paperbacks of Imperfect Monster and Destruction?

After the incredible success of Destruction (Book 1 of Fragile Ties) where it spent over 30 days in the top 1000 books on Amazon, I wanted to do something special for the release of ‘Imperfect Monster’ because it is a standalone book. So, that means a giveaway. INTERNATIONAL ELIGIBLE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU NO MATTER YOUR CONTINENT!

It’s actually pretty easy. To enter to win a Kindle Fire AND signed paperbacks of both ‘Imperfect Monster’ and ‘Destruction’, all you have to do is pre-order Imperfect Monster and follow me on BookBub. This will help me out a bunch because I just learned that earning a certain number of follows on BookBub allows me to announce pre-orders through there, and that means you’ll instantly know when one is available! If you’re on Facebook, you can submit for two entries to win RIGHT NOW by commenting with screenshots!

* * *

Didn’t I mention a freebie? How about ‘Black Light: Exposed’ for free, lovelies?

That’s right. My BDSM romance ‘Black Light: Exposed’ is FREE through January 7th so go ahead and snag yourself a copy! JUST CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD! 

Have you not ventured into the world of Black Light yet? Then this is a great introduction! Every book is a standalone, and we’ve got our 2nd anthology of Valentine Roulette coming in February, so you have plenty of time to get acquainted with this naughty, secret BDSM club.

In ‘Black Light: Exposed’ Maddie O’Neill is willing to do anything to be a reporter, even lie her way into the secret hiding underneath Runway. But when she stumbles into the Black Light BDSM club, Thomas Hathaway is there to catch her. Gorgeous and dominant, he’s more than willing to show the feisty redhead just how he likes to play. As she sinks deeper into his world of pain and pleasure she will have to make a tough choice before time runs out.
But will she follow her dreams or her heart?


* * *
There’s so much more excitement to come in 2018 and I can’t stand it. Keep a look out for more from me, feel free to share this with your friends to give them a chance to pre-order while it’s discounted, and/or enter to win the contest, lovelies! I am so grateful that you all have supported me throughout the chaos of this past year, and I hope that this coming year makes each and every one of you happy.Because that’s really what makes me happy too. <3

Until next time, lovelies,

★★ Taken by the Enemy is FREE! ★★

No tricks, lovelies, just a treat for all of you, and yes I’m bringing you this treat a little ahead of the ghouls and goblins. One of my bestselling dark romances, ‘Taken by the Enemy’, is FREE for the next five days, 10/25 – 10/29, and then it goes back to full price at $4.99!
In case you’re not familiar, this dark, dystopian romance hit #1 in sci-fi erotica and erotica horror because it walks a winding, forest path through all my favorite topics in dark romance. Feisty heroines, capture fantasy, sexy and dark and twisted heroes… all the good stuff. This full-length novel follows Emmie, a girl trying to escape a bad situation who stumbles into the arms of the enemy and finds herself in some trouble. But don’t worry, this book has an HEA waiting at the end… you just know I’m going to make the characters work for it. ^_^
Feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE so everyone can fill their virtual goodie bag with this dark treat! ????????

33 FREE BOOKS?! Yes, it’s true! And I’m at East Texas Book Bash this weekend!

That’s right, lovelies. There are 33 *free* books available through this ‘Sexee Giveaway’ from 33 NY Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors! I honestly can’t believe the names that are giving books away with us in this. I’m giving away ‘The Invitation‘ (a BDSM menage which is my most popular novella) and I have to admit there are some books on this list that I had to jump up and grab because I’m that excited about them! All you do is sign up for the author’s mailing list and not only do you get to try a free book from them, you get to hear about their new releases too! Can’t beat that, lovelies.

Grab your free books now!

Just check out the authors participating in this event: Skye Warren, Jenika Snow, Addison Cain, Livia Grant, Tara Crescent, Cari Silverwood, Alta Hensley, Renee Rose, Zoe Blake, Lee Savino, Alexis Alvarez, Maren Smith, Maggie Ryan, C.P. Mandara, Meredith O’Reilly, Morganna Williams, Maggie Carpenter, Jaye Peaches, Desiree Holt, Sophie Kisker, Maddie Taylor, Grace Goodwin, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Vanessa Vale, Ann Mayburn, Evangeline Anderson, Jane Rylon, Kelly Dawson, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson, Kate Richards, Sierra Cartwright, & Rachel Burns!

Better hurry though… this giveaway is only available August 1st – August 12th


Book Signing Alert! East Texas Book Bash!

If you’re in the Texarkana area, you might want to swing by and meet me this weekend, get some books signed, grab some swag, and have some fun! I’m at East Texas Book Bash this weekend in Tyler, TX and can’t wait to hang out with Sara Fields, Zoe Blake, Maggie Ryan, and Alyssa Bailey (and many many other authors). It’s going to be a pretty low-key event, but that just means more time to chat and have a blast with some of your favorite dirty authors. You can still get VIP tickets online through Friday at noon (only $15!) but if you want to wait you can do General Admission at the door for $10. That just means you won’t get one of the special VIP swag bags, and you’ll have to wait until 1:00pm to hang out with us!

Grab your tickets to East Texas Book Bash!

Hope you enjoy the free books, and if you miss out on this event stay tuned because now that ‘A Dark & Seductive Affair 2017’ and ‘East Texas Book Bash’ are wrapping up, I’m going to have some fun surprises to share with everyone.