It’s the month of love! ???? Celebrate with FREE books & prizes!

The answer is YES!
You DO deserve free stuff!

Lovelies, I have so much excitement to share in this post! Giveaways, promos, FREE BOOKS – it’s amazing. Every February (in honor of the month of love) authors in the erotic romance community get together to celebrate our readers and our mutual appreciation of romance, sexy alpha heroes, and escapism through fiction. And it’s your turn to join in! Now, this post might end up long, but just make sure you scroll down and take advantage of every kickass opportunity. I totally want YOU guys to win this stuff. GOOD LUCK!! <3

Valentine Roulette Giveaway★★ GIVEAWAY! ★★ 

1st prize – Kindle Fire w/ case
2nd prize – $30 Amazon GC
The next book in the Black Light BDSM Club series, the ‘Valentine Roulette’ anthology, releases on February 10th and we are so excited to share the cover with all of you AND to give you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes! Featuring USA Today and international bestselling authors: Renee Rose, Livia Grant, Maren Smith, Jennifer Bene, Addison Cain, Lee Savino, Sophie Kisker, and Measha Stone! This is a boxset you do NOT want to miss!To be entered to win, simply click through to the giveaway form and then use the options to share, share, share! But just like roulette, you’ve got to play to win, lovelies!

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Can’t wait for ’50 Shades Darker’ to come out?

How about 22 *FREE* kinky books to help you hold on?

I’ve got good news! I joined with twenty-one other kink-tastic authors to share some of our very favorite BDSM-themed books with you via Instafreebie. There’s now twenty-two books in this MEGA BUNDLE waiting for you to download them at the link below!!

So, go on, be a little naughty and snag them all!


Get Kinky for Valentine’s & WIN $300!

First prize is a $300 Amazon GC which would make ALL your bookish dreams come true in February, and second prize in this giveaway is a Kindle Fire!! The best part of this one is it’s from a bunch of indie & traditionally published authors in the erotic romance genre getting together to share the love with our readers (and introduce our readers to new authors too!). I want YOU to have a chance to win! <3

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Who all is involved, you ask?


Last, but not least… want even MORE free romance books?! I know you do.

Available ONLY from February 12th – 14th, over 30 romance and erotic romance books on Amazon for FREE! Here is your chance to load up your Kindle with tons of sexy heroes, exciting drama, hot scenes, and dreamy getting-swept-off-your-feet moments!

Speaking of Kindles… YOU CAN ALSO WIN A KINDLE FIRE! That’s right, just for participating and downloading lots of free, awesome books – you could win a Kindle Fire. Honestly, what do you have to lose?!

Valentine’s Romances of All Flavors – CLAIM NOW!

Mark your calendars for this one, lovelies, as it will only work from Feb. 12th – 14th!


HOLY SHIT! That was so much stuff, right? Right. This is one of those posts you might want to have in your favorites for a little bit, or share with your friends so they can take advantage too. Hey, maybe they’ll like me as well?

I know I had two releases in January, and many of you haven’t caught up yet, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the incredibly hot anthology ‘Black Light: Valentine Roulette’ coming February 10th! This is one HELL of a month to be a reader! Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s! <3

Can’t wait for #50ShadesDarker? How about 22 FREE kinky books to help you hold on?

Good girls go to heaven… bad girls go to Mr. Grey…

and very naughty girls get 22 FREE kinky BDSM books!

So, lovelies, tell me… are you naughty? I think you are, and since I joined with twenty-one other kink-tastic authors to share some of our very favorite BDSM-themed books with you via Instafreebie there’s now twenty-two books in this MEGA BUNDLE waiting for you to download them at the link below. Honestly, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t click through and get your hands on each and every one of them. Aaaaaaand since you’ve been so very naughty it’s likely that the incredibly kinky, sexy, HOT Doms in each of these books are the only solution to your misbehavior. Right? Right.

I’ve been naughty, I need all the naughty books! CLAIM HERE

Don’t forget to help each of these amazing authors out and leave a review for the books you read on Amazon! After all, it’s only the polite thing to do, and after all the corrective measures you’re sure to witness in this incredibly sexy promo, I know you’ll want to start behaving. At least until #50ShadesDarker comes out on February 10th! Then you’ll have to settle for being a very bad girl for Mr. Grey.