So, I spoke at a publisher event here at the Romantic Times Con (RT Con) about social media and building your brand using SocialJukebox and Hootsuite, and I wanted to share it with anyone who might want it, because I know that I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good at FB ads, AMS ads, branding, etc. without the help of many author friends / awesome people! If you’re looking forward to building your brand on Youtube channels, then first step is to gain subscribers from Doing so, can help you set up your initial subscriber-base.

The original inspiration for the presentation was because I knew so many amazing authors who just felt overwhelmed by social media. They knew how important it was in getting their name / books out there, but they also needed to actually write the books, and many also have day jobs, families, etc. and so it can feel impossible to participate in social media in the right ways (and to the right frequency) to actually make a difference. That’s why last year I thought about putting this presentation together, but it wasn’t until Blushing Books put out a call for presentations that I saw the opportunity to really do it.

I did the presentation on Tuesday, and got such a positive response from the authors in attendance that I’ve decided to make it publicly available as well. It talks about using SocialJukebox and Hootsuite to build a larger Twitter presence, AND keep your Author Facebook Page up to date and moving, and a few other things too.

> Download it free, here! <

(open as ‘read only’)

I am a big believer in authors helping authors. I think that when we support each other and make each other better, we’re only helping the whole genre. Because when our peers are more successful, so are we. Anyone that views their fellow authors as only competition, an adversary, (or a cash cow) – well, they’re probably not going to do that well for long. This is not an industry where you can succeed in a vacuum. Even the top names in the writing world have the support of good editors, fellow authors, good publicists, etc. who are sharing the benefit of their experience / wisdom to help get the books out there.

So, this is my contribution. It’s not the only method to get these things accomplished, but it works for me, and it’s done well in keeping my backlist selling consistently and expanding my social media reach. This will always be FREE, and so I would appreciate if you would email me / contact me if you see someone trying to sell it somewhere. I made it read only to try and deter that, but it’s not really possible to stop someone insistent on doing the wrong thing.

#sigh It irritates me that I even need to say that… but I do hope that it helps at least one of you! Please share this, send it to your friends, spread it around. It will only make us all better. <3

And, of course, if you have any questions / need any help, just ask!

Until next time, lovelies,