Scarred Siren (Book 3) (Coming 2023)

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Surviving isn't enough anymore, Beth wants to live,
and with Jake she finally has hope she can be more than normal...
she might actually be happy.

But just as she's finally waking up,
seeing the sun for the first time in years,
the monsters come for revenge.
They hunt her down.
Take her.

There is no mercy in these memories,
they're vicious and bloody and hopeless...
but Beth isn't a broken doll anymore.
She's been drowned, damaged, scarred,
and surfaced stronger than before.

They expected fear. They expected prey.
What they got was a siren
who clawed her way out of the depths,
and she won't be going back.

This time is different.
This time she's different.
And this time, Jake is coming for her.

She won't break.
This time she'll win.
Life or death,
in the end she'll finally be
free from darkness.

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