Salvaged by Love (Book 3)

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Are you ready to get through the darkness to find the light?

Love conquers all, or so they say, but is love enough to overcome James and Thalia's history together? Is it enough to carry them through the heavy decision about whether they should stay with each other? And is it enough to take on the 'normal' relationship steps of meeting friends and family in James' privileged world?

As Thalia and James work to build a life together, a real life, there are other challenges brewing on the horizon, and Thalia's past isn't done with her yet.

In this rollercoaster continuation of the Thalia series, she is taken to the loveliest of highs and the darkest of lows as she fights to decide who she is, and who she wants.

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1 review for Salvaged by Love (Book 3)

  1. Martha J Lindblom

    As I write this review, I will not tell you the story because I want you to read the series, but I will tell you this is an excellent series. Jennifer Bene has done an excellent job. This series has everything you would want. You will cry, hate and be happy. There is a ton of great sex and BSDM. Excellent excellent series. Enjoy.

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