Early Sins (Prequel)

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She wants revenge. She wants the nightmares to stop.
There are some things only a bullet will fix.

Before Camille Devereaux knew how to kill, before she could even hold a gun, she was a damaged girl with only one purpose in life:

Destroy each of the men who had hurt her.

Plucked from the streets, taken in by a hitman who says he will train her, the assassin known only as ‘Smith’ quickly becomes the center of her dark world.

Teacher, companion, protector — it shouldn’t go any further.

There are names to tick off her list, and the last thing he wants is to become another monster in her life, but his brutal training only draws them closer together, the attraction growing as fast as her skill.

Amplified with every kill… until there’s no denying the temptation.

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1 review for Early Sins (Prequel)

  1. Martha J Lindblom

    This is a great prequel where you get to see how Camille came to do what she does. You will enjoy this book as part of the series. Jennifer is a great writer. Enjoy the book.

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