It is Tuesday, lovelies, and I am SO excited because ‘Breaking Beth’ releases TOMORROW! This is a super dark story and although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t expect amazing things, I know that it’s going to start an incredible story that so many fans of the Thalia series have wanted. Just beware, it is a very dark beginning that follows the time when Anthony had Beth, and it doesn’t end happily… but her happy ending will come through the series. I promise.

* * *

Breaking Beth

It would take time. Time to destroy who she used to be… time for all her hope to die… time to truly make her a thing.

But he would.

Anthony took Beth to remake her into the perfect toy for his customers. Mindless, obedient, a broken thing without complications.

But Beth is strong.

She refuses to break, refuses to let Anthony erase her… even if that means losing in the end.

* * *


He was there. Above her, looking down like she was a bug pinned to a board for him. The ropes were cut, but she still wasn’t moving. She was obeying, staying still like he’d commanded, and the camera in the ceiling was watching.

“Open your mouth.”

There were a hundred pleas she wanted to say, a thousand questions she wanted to ask. So many whys and useless things. Instead, she opened her fucking mouth.


She stretched her lips, her aching jaw, and he brought the knife into view. For a nanosecond she started to close her mouth, but his head tilted the tiniest fraction and she stopped. Kept it open, eyes glued to the shining edge of the blade.

“I want to make something clear, so that you don’t misunderstand.” Turning the knife in his fingers, he angled it down and then slid the flat of it over her bottom lip, the sharp point inside her mouth. “I am not merciful. When you are disobedient, you will be punished. Severely.”

A whimper escaped her throat, but as the flat of the blade moved deeper and brushed her tongue she froze. Pressed her tongue to the floor of her mouth, tears making her eyes sting as the taste of metal stroked back and forth.

“I will let you keep your teeth, but only because you are prettier with them than without them. Worth more.” His other hand lifted, brushing hair off her forehead, unsticking it from the drying tears on her cheeks. “But at some point I will fuck your throat, and I want you to remember this moment. Think about this knife as I slide my cock into your mouth, and remember that if you ever bite me again, I can do terrible things to you and still leave you pretty on the outside. Blink if you understand.”

She blinked slowly, squeezing her eyes shut before she opened them again.

“Good girl.”

* * *

I love Beth’s story and I am SO anxious to write books 2 & 3. The characters are talking so loudly, I am wondering if I will be able to put them off until 2020 or if I will have no choice but to to write book 2 before then! I am ALSO writing book 3 of Fragile Ties, ‘Redemption’, and I ALSO have a new, super dark story called ‘Reign of Ruin’ releasing on May 15th. I can’t wait to have you read all of the stories I have coming, lovelies, being a full time author is really helping me write so much faster and it is all thanks to YOUR support. Thank you!

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