No tricks, lovelies, just a treat for all of you, and yes I’m bringing you this treat a little ahead of the ghouls and goblins. One of my bestselling dark romances, ‘Taken by the Enemy’, is FREE for the next five days, 10/25 – 10/29, and then it goes back to full price at $4.99!
In case you’re not familiar, this dark, dystopian romance hit #1 in sci-fi erotica and erotica horror because it walks a winding, forest path through all my favorite topics in dark romance. Feisty heroines, capture fantasy, sexy and dark and twisted heroes… all the good stuff. This full-length novel follows Emmie, a girl trying to escape a bad situation who stumbles into the arms of the enemy and finds herself in some trouble. But don’t worry, this book has an HEA waiting at the end… you just know I’m going to make the characters work for it. ^_^
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