Oh, lovelies. I am so very very excited to get to share another snippet with you. I’m part of a wicked set of twisted fairytales that will come out in January 2017 with a group of delightfully devious authors. We’re all doing our own twists on fairy tales and I chose Rapunzel. It’s a modern take, full of capture fantasy naughtiness, and Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair is famous for her long blonde hair, but she wants to be known for more – wants to be more. In fact, she wants to follow in the footsteps of her wealthy CEO of a father, but he’s made some enemies and one man in particular has come seeking vengeance. Enjoy this deliciously evil sneak peek of what happens when her masked captor demands she beg for freedom…

“Last chance, Rapunzel. Tell him how much you want to go home.” The words were quiet, meant only for her.

A curt shake of her head was her only response, and then he brought the crop down hard on the inside of her thigh. She couldn’t bite back the yelp of pain just as he delivered a matching line of fire to the other side. The burning lines made her whine under her breath as the heat spread, but she steeled herself. No.

“Do it,” he hissed against her ear.

“Go to hell.”

He stepped to her side and brought the crop down hard across the tops of her thighs – once, twice, three times and the bright red lines showed up fast even on her tanned skin. When she bit back the scream he landed the next lash across her breasts. There was no stifling the cry then, and she found herself whimpering and yanking on the cuffs as he snapped the keeper of the crop against each nipple in fast succession. Back and forth, each new blow making her scream incomprehensible pleas, begging him to stop.

Finally, he pulled back and she sniffled, desperately trying to halt her tears as the sharp ache bloomed over her skin. His fist wound into her hair, jerking her head up so she was facing the camera again. “Speak.”

“Please, just let me go.” Her whine was answered with a vicious slap of the crop directly between her thighs, and she tried to close her legs but only bruised her ankles against the hard wood. “God, please!”

“Talk.” The single command was rough, and she kept her eyes low, trying to be brave, but then the whistle of the crop lifting in the air forced pleas past her lips.

“Stop! Please, I want to go home. Just let me go home.” She sniffled, hating herself for caving to the pain, hating that she was so exposed. “I don’t want him to see me like this, please, don’t -”

The masked man stepped around her and slapped her hard, her head snapping to the side as she gasped in pain. He leaned down, his words hissed through a filter of rage, “Do you think I care what you want?”

“Please, let me go. You can still just let me go, I don’t know who you are, I don’t -” Another sharp slap silenced her, and then he moved behind her again. She was crying hard now, the ache in her cheeks overwhelming the pain in the other parts of her body.

His breath brushed over her hair before he spoke, “Good girl, cry for him. Tell him to do whatever it takes to bring you home.” The crop snapped across her thighs again and she sobbed. “Say it.”

She was weak. Tired, in pain, and terrified. So, she obeyed. “Dad, I’m so sorry. Please just do what he says. I just want to come home. Please, dad, I just -”

A gloved hand covered her nose and mouth, pinching off her air so that she panicked and jerked against the bindings. “Perfect,” he cooed against her ear as she struggled. “Now we get to see if he really loves you, Rapunzel.”

Now that Rapunzel has been taken from The Tower we’re going to learn more and more about the evil plans awaiting her. What all is going to happen to Rapunzel? Welllll, you’ll just have to wait to find out, won’t you, lovelies? In the mean time, don’t miss any other snippets the other authors are peeping on Facebook, and check out these other authors below!