It’s #SatSpanks again, and I’ve got more from my upcoming release ‘Early Sins’ the prequel for ‘Lethal Sin‘. I premiered the cover already, so make sure to check it out! If you’ve already read ‘Lethal Sin’ you may have been a little curious about Camille’s sordid past, about how she got involved in the assassin game, which ultimately puts her on the path to collide with Mateo in the first book. I was so caught up in Camille’s story myself that this prequel started flowing out. This scene follows shortly after the intense series of blog hops (over the last few weeks) that outlined a sparring match / lesson Smith had with Camille, which all leads to Camille changing and growing into the assassin she’s meant to become – and unfortunately, that involves heels.

The sound of the door banging against the wall in their low-end hotel room startled her from her staring contest with the mirror. Leaning out of the bathroom she checked to verify it was Smith, and she was surprised to see his arms covered in shopping bags with a large, sleek box in his hands. “Mind giving me a hand?” he asked as he kicked the door shut.

“Sure, but, what the fuck is all this?” Camille snagged the big box and one of the bags off his arm, before moving them to the foot of his bed.

“Go on, open it.” He had a small smile lifting the edge of his mouth as he dropped the other bags to the floor, gesturing at the big box when she didn’t immediately reach for it.

She stared at him a moment longer, trying to decipher the strange look on his face, but she finally gave up on gaining any more insight, and turned back to the box. It was a smooth, shiny black and the top half whispered as she lifted it. Inside was a nest of tissue paper, and under that was a pool of dark blue fabric. As she picked it up it became clear it was a dress. A very nice dress. “What. The. Fuck.”

“Not usually the reaction when a woman gets a designer dress, but, you’ve never been predictable.” Smith shrugged as he started to take other things out of the bags, including a black clothing bag. He hung it on the bathroom doorframe and as he unzipped it a sleek black tux was revealed. Also designer by the look of it – and definitely for him.

“What the hell is this, Smith?”

“We’re going to dinner. Somewhere very nice.” He pointed at the dress. “You’re going to wear that.”

Why?” She couldn’t keep the surprise out of her voice. They spent all their time hopping in and out of sandwich shops, or stopping at street vendors, or little cafes and diners. A nice dinner? The kind of dinner that required a dress like that?

“Because, C, jobs can take you all over the world, into a variety of different situations. You won’t always be able to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt on a job.” He shook his head slowly, mumbling under his breath as he took the suit out from the bag. “Think of it as a game. There will be a bunch of rich people there, and your goal is to blend in. Watch how they talk, watch how they move, and mimic them. Figure out how to make yourself invisible.”

“Why does my fucking game involve heels like this?” Camille tilted a box of shoes towards him and he sighed.

“First, you need to learn to walk in heels. Second, I guarantee no one will be using language like that at dinner. Why don’t you start practicing now?”

Jesusfuckingchrist…” she muttered as she dropped the heels back on the bed. Looking at the dress laid out, with the tall, spiky heels beside it, she felt horrendously self-conscious. How in the fuck was she going to fit in with a bunch of fancy New York assholes? This was insane. “Smith, I don’t even have make-up, or anything for -”

“In here.” He tapped a foot against one of the big shopping bags. “Pretty much all the make-up I think you’ll ever need, and a flat iron for your hair, which apparently you will want.”

“I -”

Smith walked over to her, stopping when she had to tilt her head back a bit to meet his eyes. “C, do you think I’d put you in a situation I didn’t think you could handle?”

“I’ve never even worn a dress like that, Smith, and I have no fucking clue what to do around people like that.”

“That’s the point. You’ll find yourself in a lot of different situations, and you need to learn to mimic, be a chameleon so you’re invisible. You’re incredibly observant, and I know you can do it. Remember, people who blend in don’t get remembered during police reports.”

“Right… simple. Just blend in.”

Camille may not be excited about her fancy dinner with Smith, but I am excited to share it with you! Things are about to seriously heat up between these two and I can’t wait! Until #WIP Wednesday, check out these other snippets.