Look! It’s time for #SatSpanks again and we’re back with more from my upcoming release ‘Early Sins’ the prequel for ‘Lethal Sin‘. I just premiered the cover earlier this week, so make sure to check it out! If you’ve already read ‘Lethal Sin’ you may have been a little curious about Camille’s sordid past, about how she got involved in the assassin game, which ultimately puts her on the path to collide with Mateo in the first book. I was so caught up in Camille’s story myself that this prequel started flowing out. I’m not sure when I’ll have it finished (hopefully out before the end of August), but at this point in the book Camille and Smith have been together around two years, she’s got some kills under her belt, and her attraction for him has been steadily growing. In the last snippet on #WIP Wednesday she kissed him, and Smith pushed her away. Camille made it clear she was upset, let’s see how Smith feels…

It was a Tuesday night, which meant there were only a few scattered regulars when Smith wandered to the back of the bar and dropped into his seat. Albatross Brewing glowed above his head, and Bill himself walked over with a glass of bourbon and set it down in front of him. “What did she do?”

“You make such assumptions.”

“I can read you by now, Smith. If you wanted anonymity you shouldn’t have picked my bar to be your favorite haunt.” He pushed the glass across the table towards him. “Now, take a drink, and talk.”

Listening to the guy he viewed as one of his only ‘friends’ in the world, even though Bill knew basically nothing about him, he took a drink. The sweet burn of the bourbon wound its way down into his stomach, bursting with a warmth that he needed. It would serve as a balm to the things he’d said to Camille. It would help him rebuild the barriers. “She kissed me.”

“Alright.” Bill shrugged, leaning back in the chair. As Smith stared he waited for the man to say something else, to react, but he stayed stoic.

“You’re not listening, I kissed her. I kissed C.”

“I thought you said she kissed you?”

“Yes! She did, that’s what I said.” Smith growled under his breath and threw back more of the bourbon than he should have.

“And you kissed her back?” Bill asked, and Smith’s stomach turned. All he could manage was a nod, but Bill just shrugged again. “She’s a beautiful girl.”

“A girl. Right.” His stomach twisted further, and he tried to stifle it by finishing the bourbon.

“Is that the deal? Her age?”

“Yes.” Smith nodded and tilted the empty glass towards himself, disappointed that he’d finished it too fast, but Bill reached forward and pulled it free from his grip.

“How old is she?” He held up a hand. “Wait, before you answer that I’m getting us both bourbon. I think we’re going to need it.”

Smith nodded and watched as the man wandered back behind the bar. He snagged Miranda before she headed towards the tables and nodded at the two guys sitting at the bar before he brought another glass and an entire bottle of bourbon back to the table.

“Really think we’re going to need the bottle?” he asked as Bill took his seat again.

“You tell me,” he muttered as he refilled their glasses and nudged a full one in front of Smith.

“I won’t turn it down.”

“Me either. This is the good stuff.” Bill took a drink and Smith mirrored him, letting the silence reign for a moment until the bartender who had been the only constant in his life for years cleared his throat. “So… how old is she, Smith?”

Another draught of bourbon filled his mouth so he wouldn’t curse needlessly, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid this discussion. Hell, he’d apparently come to Bill’s to have this conversation. “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you -”

“I don’t know. She’s never told me her age.”

Bill blew out a breath slowly, nursing his bourbon like an old pro, while Smith was already halfway through his second glass. Liquid courage, eh? Leaning forward, Bill’s watery eyes lifted to him. “Listen, all these kids look young to me. I’m in my sixties now, even you look like a baby. What are you, twenty-three, twenty-four?”


“You’re a baby yourself, what are you worried about?” Bill sat back and laughed, resting a hand on his stomach.

Smith flinched, remembering her screams in the night just before she’d wake up crying and cursing. It was worse now that he had even a flicker of what caused them. Steve, Joe Wilson, and the others… and the things they had done to her at God only knew what age. “It’s complicated.”

“You’re joking, right? She’s gorgeous. Hell, half the bar gets wood every time she walks in here. If I were your age I’d be -”

“Bill.” Interrupting him so he wouldn’t finish the thought, Smith kept his eyes on the last inch of amber liquid as he tilted it to and fro, trying to suppress the urge to gut the next man that looked at her with a gaze even halfway lecherous.

She’s not yours to be jealous over.

Raising his free hand up Bill shook his head. “I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, Smith. Mother Mary knows I’d be talking to you about something other than your love life if I wanted to interfere, but everyone sees how she looks at you. That girl is in love with you.”

“She does not love me,” Smith growled, and he wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince Bill or himself.

Smith is trying so hard to be the good guy, but it’s infuriating for Camille (and me, to be honest!). He’s a ruthless killer, merciless, cold to everyone – except for Camille. Anyone else think this is not their last kiss?

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