It’s time for Saturday Spanks and if you’ve been following along with the snippets from my latest release, you know that Alaric and Tara have been growing closer and closer together. Aaaaand guess what came out yesterday? THIS BOOK! ‘Tara’ (Daughters of Eltera Book 2) is available here for only $2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Today’s snippet picks up after they spent the night at a dance club where they met one of Alaric’s contacts, and then spent the night dancing and having fun. It was the most free Tara has been in a while, and Alaric is about to see just how grateful she is.

She was beyond beautiful, and he couldn’t imagine why Gianni had even been willing to part with her – but perhaps he’d never seen her like this. So alive. He pulled into the car park at the hotel and the moment the car stopped Tara leaned over and kissed him again, bracing one arm on his door so she was slightly above him. It stole the breath from his lungs, and this time he didn’t ignore the urge and pushed his hands into her hair as she leaned over the center console, silky waves that were thick enough to feel heavy in his hands. Her lips were so soft but he kissed her back hard, holding her to him. He heard himself growl as she shifted across the car and was suddenly in his lap, her back brushing the steering wheel, nestling him between her thighs.

“Tara –” He started to speak but she kissed him again as they were firmly pressed together in the small space of the front of the car. Alaric knew he should say something, knew he should stop, because this was exactly what he wasn’t supposed to do. But she fitted against him perfectly, and he didn’t want to say no.

Want to find out what happens next? You’ll have to grab a copy of the book!! This may be the last snippet I have for a while on either #WIP Wednesday or #SatSpanks because I need to figure out where I’m going with the book I’m writing before I start sharing pieces. Either way, I do hope you all love the book!

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