Hello again, lovelies! I’ve got a brand new book to start sharing snippets of… book 2 in my Daughters of Eltera series, ‘Tara’! The Daughters of Eltera series is full of gods, goddesses, and a cursed, enslaved race of female warriors known as the Faeoihn [Fay-OH-een]. Each book follows one of the Faeoihn as they find love – and perhaps freedom – after over two thousand years of slavery. Curious? Book 1 of the series ‘Fae’ was released last year, and you can find it on Amazon over here if you want to catch up! I’ve got a longer scene for you today to help you meet Tara, the heroine of this book. If you’d like to meet Alaric, check out the #WIP Wednesday post over here from the first chapter!

Lights, camera, action.

“Gianni!” Tara ran forward quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling brightly as she leaned into him. “You’re back!” She cried cheerfully, tucking her face against his neck and hugging him to her, playing up the affection, cuddling against his chest like a girl would if she were in love.

His hands clenched her upper arms and forced her back, and for once the look of confusion on her face was honest – he had never pushed her away. Ever. “Don’t, Tara.”

“Gianni, what’s wrong? What happened in Venice?” She didn’t have to fake the concern in her voice. Gianni’s eyes were distant and removed when he stared into her face. All of the lust and excitement that usually filled them when he saw her was gone. She reached her hand up to his face, pouting a little. “I’ve missed you.”

His fingers dug into her arms, anger flashing across his face, and then he shoved her to the ground, those four-inch heels making it impossible to keep her balance as she landed hard on the marble floor. She winced as she caught her weight with her wrist. This was all wrong. He never acted like this, he never pushed her away.

Gianni stared down at her with a look of shame and disgust, and Tara could feel the panic rising inside her as it all settled into place. She had seen this before. She knew that look.

He was done with her.

“Don’t embarrass yourself, Tara.” Gianni muttered, his voice clearly irritated already. He avoided looking at her as his security detail brought in bags and shut the door tight. None of the men who had gone with him would look at her either.

Because they already know.

“What did I do?” Tara filled her voice with emotion, letting it crack as she spoke, tears tipping out of her eyes as she looked up at him from the floor.

Maybe if he saw her cry.

He’d caved before when he saw her cry.

Put on the full act, Tara.

“Gianni?” She sniffled.

“Nothing. You didn’t do anything different. You’re exactly what you are.” His face twisted as he made himself look at her, and Tara forced herself not to wince as he kept talking. “I just don’t want this. I don’t – I don’t want you anymore. I want someone real.”

Tara felt the comment as if he’d gutted her – because it just confirmed her as property, and it was a line she’d heard throughout her long life. Letting him see how much it hurt wouldn’t help the situation though, she had to choose a new tactic so she could stay in this house. She pushed herself up off the floor, standing gracefully as she focused on looking concerned, maintaining the pout he had once told her made him want to kiss her.

This had worked on him before, maybe it would work again.

“I understand, Gianni. You’ve found someone else – someone real?”

“Yes.” His eyes didn’t even flick towards her, and their security-detail audience was awkwardly shuffling.

“Well…” Time to gamble. Tara took a small step towards him again, her fingertips playing with a button on his coat. “She doesn’t have to know about us. We can be very discreet.” For a moment Tara imagined how much better it would be if she spent even less time with him. If she was safe and alone. He’d be distracted by this woman he thought he loved, and she could stay somewhere else. She could –

“STOP!” Gianni grabbed her wrist and gripped it hard enough to hurt, the bands activating with his command to send sparks of pain crackling up her arms.

“I don’t want to leave you!” Tara pleaded, and realized with too much regret that it was the truth. Gianni had been good to her in his own way. A new master could mean anything, a new master could mean fear and blood and pain. “Please, Gianni!”

He slapped her. Hard enough that she tasted the coppery tang of blood in her mouth and found herself crouched near the floor, the bands still vibrating against her skin with his anger. It had been almost a year since he’d hit her last, and the shock of it made her silent.

Guess the good years are over.

“Just stop it, Tara. It’s already done. I found someone else for you. They’re coming for you in the morning.” Gianni was speaking above her, but she didn’t trust her ability to control her expression, to keep the hate out of her face, so she stared at the floor.

He’d sold her.

It was already done.

She kind of wanted to throw up.

In case you can’t tell, this book is a dark paranormal romance, and it follows after Book 1 in the series. All of the Daughters of Eltera books are dark paranormal romance, and a different pace than Lethal Sin, but I think you’ll really enjoy it! You’ll have plenty of time to read ‘Fae’ before this book comes out if you’d like to, probably in May sometime (which happens to be my birthday month!). I hope you’ll stick around, and check this one out.  Until then, check out these other blog hops on the page below!

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