It’s time for #SatSpanks again with another snippet from Lethal Sin, and just to update you Mateo has been using a crop on Camille for a while now trying to get her to tell him where her boss is. This is her second round of punishments, but she’s still not talking and Mateo may just be rethinking how he wants to handle Camille.

The girl was shaking, her muscles trembling on the spanking bench, and through the red haze in his head he was trying to evaluate whether it was a lingering reaction to the cold, or if the crop had sent her into some kind of shock.

People in shock were not particularly helpful, and part of him felt a strange pang of concern for her. She hadn’t cussed at him in at least ten minutes, and that was not a good sign.

Fuck it.

He threw the crop against the wall, and the snap of it made her jump against the straps holding her down. If he wanted, he could easily fuck her atop the bench. It would take almost no effort to tear the lace of her panties, yank her hips back, and drive himself deep inside her – and although it would slake the ever-growing lust he felt for her, it wouldn’t be worth it if she was too far gone to even react. If he couldn’t even feel her come underneath him.

Reaching forward he brushed a fingertip over a dark welt, already bruised from the force he’d used the crop. There were bright, red welts all over her ass and the tops of her thighs. Several spots already darkening with beautiful bruises that would create a kaleidoscope of colors over the next few days.

If you have her that long.

Mateo shoved that voice away and flattened his palm over her ass. It was the only place on her body that was warm at the moment, the rush of blood called to the surface by the toy making it an incredibly sharp contrast as he trailed his hand down her thighs until he reached the cooling sweat behind her knees, and the chilled skin of her calves.

She sniffled, and he immediately stepped around her and his cock became a steel bar in his pants as she looked up at him. Her nose was perfectly red, her cheeks flushed, her lips pouty from her chewing on them in her agony – and her eyes. Fuck. Those perfectly blue eyes looked even bluer with the sheen of tears still on them, framed by her mascara that had smeared in all the right ways.

Why did she have to be so beautiful? So strong? So defiant?

The girl was flipping every one of his internal switches, but with Scarpa already calling him repeatedly asking if he had the information, he didn’t have time to screw around.

Mateo has no idea just how deep he’s about to get into it with Camille! She’s like no one he’s encountered before, and that’s going to throw both their worlds upside down. Remember ‘Lethal Sin’ is available for pre-order on Amazon here, or you can get it for FREE for signing up for my mailing list here. It will go live on Amazon on Monday, April 25th!

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of the full book, as soon as it’s live you’ll start getting snippets of the 2nd book in my Daughters of Eltera series! In the mean time, check out these other hot snippets below…