Saturday-SpankingsBack for another Saturday Spankings Blog Hop as I’m starting to bring my latest book to a close! I’m excited for all of you to learn what happens with Emmie and Lucian and their world. This week I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what it’s like after Emmie gets her hands free. Hope you enjoy!

Emmie promptly jerked her hand from Lucian’s, but she kept pace with him when he laughed and kept walking. “Mathias wants you to punish me, doesn’t he?”

“He’s asked me to, yes.”

“Is that where we’re going?”

“Do you need to be punished?” Lucian looked over his shoulder at her as they reached the outer edge of the village.

“Don’t mock me. What exactly are we doing?” Emmie stopped, and he sighed as he turned to face her.

“First, I’m about to grab a spear from the set of them we have right over there. Then, I have something I want to show you.” He gestured ahead of them and bowed with more grace than she’d seen in half the aristocracy of the city. “If I may?”

I know, I know. It’s short, but that’s the deal with this one! Hopefully you’re just as curious about the multi-sided Lucian as Emmie is in the book. Let’s just say he’s complicated.

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