The most recent anthology from the Erotic Collective came out this week and it features my new story ‘Of Fog and Fire’! Twist is an exciting anthology full of some of my very favorite authors and each story is erotic, romantic, and has a delicious little twist in it to keep you on your toes. Definitely check out the links below the excerpt!

This post is for Saturday Spanks and so in honor of the theme we get to see Phee get put over Bryant’s lap, and who wouldn’t want to be dragged over Bryant Holbrook’s lap? Purrr…

“I’m going to spank you until I think you’ve got some manners, alright?” Bryant’s voice was a low growl as his hand traced over her skin, a firm squeeze of one of her cheeks before he continued down her thighs. He was so strong, she could feel it in the way his other arm held her around her waist. This was going to hurt, and in her mind she could feel the riptide tugging at her, wanting to drag her towards the whirlpool that was Bryant Holbrook. All that charm, all that power. She knew inside that whatever he had planned was going to hurt in all the best ways.

“Alright, Bryant.” Phee panted out the words, heat running under her skin, and then the first sting of his palm colliding with her skin had her tensing. But he didn’t stop with one, he continued, each spank raining down across her ass until the stinging heat had her whimpering and squirming.

There’s pleeennttyyy more to this scene, but this bloghop is all about brevity and hotness! Grab the full anthology for ONLY 99 CENTS this weekend and enjoy!

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