★★ A New Cover for ‘The Invitation’! ★★

Didn’t I mention to you lovelies that there were more surprises coming? No? Well, let me prepare you then. We’re just getting started with Laura Hidalgo‘s kick-ass recovers of some of my favorites, and there’s so much to come while I’m working on Inheritance! I want to tell you ALL OF IT, but that would be boring, so I’m spacing it out. Think of it as surprise edging, or edging for surprises? Whatever. Lots more to come, lovelies, but today we get to stare at this FUCKING HOT new cover for my novella ‘The Invitation’.
This was the first thing I *ever* published on Amazon, thanks to the lovely Tara Crescent (who is forever my publishing yoda), and I’ve loved the story since day one. No dark and twisty here, just intense hotties, BDSM, and super hot menage. YUM!
Cara has spent her entire life as the good girl – the straight-A, straight-laced, good girl – and she’s tired of it.
When her roommate Meredith invites her to a private party, one that will earn her fifteen hundred dollars just to attend, she discovers a hidden world where society’s rules hold no sway, where sex is readily available under the privilege of anonymity and safety, and a mysterious man wants to bring her dark side out to play.
Will Cara run and ignore the thrill the party brings her, or will she dive in head first to discover what she’s really capable of?
The new cover is available NOW! <3

★★ SURPRISE! A New Cover for The Rite! ★★

Hello, lovelies!

While ‘When the Dark Wins’ has been doing amazing, I’ve been working on a surprise short story for something coming out later this year, and re-reading Destruction to get my head back in the game to keep writing ‘Inheritance’. BUT! In the mean time, I’ve got a few surprises and this is the first of them!

‘The Rite’ has a brand new cover thanks to Laura Hidalgo​ and I fucking love it! This story is about a woman named Heather whose family are all witches, the only issue is that for her to unlock her power she has to complete ‘the rite’, which means choosing a man, taking him to bed, and marking him for death. She’s avoided it for a long time, but now her aunts have laid out the ultimatum – either she completes the rite and unlocks her power, or they kill her.

What happens? Well, you’ll have to check out the book to find out. There’s some hot BDSM, some fucked up dubcon, and a pretty good tale if I do say so myself.

Grab a copy now!

Enjoy, lovelies, and tell me what you think of the cover!

Re-cover Reveal! ‘Striking a Balance’!

Did you see the new cover reveal of ‘Striking a Balance’ that will be in the Thalia boxset?
Cover Designer: Laura Hidalgo of Beyond DEF
Thalia Series Box Set – Cover Reveal for Striking A Balance
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Striking A Balance is being re-released in a box set of the Thalia series, with a bit of spit, a splash of polish, a new cover and now in one collection for the first time ever. The standalone book will be updated with this new cover after the boxset release.
Buy Link for Striking A Balance
Thalia and James have just met under the most insane of circumstances. He purchased her at an underground auction from a man who kidnapped her, tormented her, and sold her to the highest bidder.
In their first few months together Thalia wants to view James as her savior, her knight in shining armor that she can stay with in safety, but she can’t escape the trauma she went through and the lingering effects it has caused. James isn’t sure, now that he has Thalia, if he can handle the depth of submission she displays.
Can James help her strike a balance between who she is as a person and her newfound craving for submission, or will her urge to submit swallow her whole until James has no choice but to set her free?

Re-Cover Reveal! Security Binds Her!

Hi lovelies!!
I know I’ve been MIA but I’m doing something that is requiring major work between the job and authoring. Take a look at this!
Security Binds Her by Jennifer Bene
Cover Designer: Laura Hidalgo of Beyond DEF
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Taken from work one night, Thalia is thrust into the violent, controlling world of a man she thought had been the security guard for her building, but she quickly learns that this was only a cover to get to her, to take her. As her old life is erased, the guard pushes Thalia to recognize the darker sides of herself, while Thalia endeavors to hold on to who she is.
Trapped alone with her abductor, can Thalia fight to retain her self, or will his small glimpses of kindness cause her to finally submit to him?
‘Security Binds Her’ is a brutal journey that leaves readers breathless and waiting to turn the page to find out if Thalia will break, or be lost forever to the darkness around her.
**WARNING: This book contains graphic punishments, disturbing situations, scenes of dubious consent, and very strong language. Intended for mature audiences.

COVER REVEAL! ‘Black Light: Roulette Redux’ coming 2/8!

Today is our cover reveal dayyyyyy and I am so freaking excited to be able to bring you guys another night of Valentine Roulette at the Black Light BDSM club!! Livia Grant and I started this idea a little over a year ago and we had no idea it would take off the way it has, and we love all of the AMAZING authors that have joined the Black Light author family – but we’re nowhere near done. ‘Roulette Redux’ is kicking off Season 2 of Black Light this year on February 8th, and we already have a few authors lined up for full-length books in the world for 2018. That means more edgy, sexy, fun BDSM stories that are full of heart and romance. BUT! Enough said about that, right? Let’s check out the blurb and stare at this beautiful cover!

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Three hours. Four hard limits. Nine hot stories.
The most wicked game in the world of BDSM is back for another night of fulfilling your dirtiest fantasies!

Black Light is the top BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and last year they shocked everyone with ‘Valentine Roulette’. Now, it’s the month of love again, and that means it’s time to play this naughty game of chance! With tempting new kinks and daring new participants, ‘Roulette Redux’ will bring you all the heat you can handle as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose which kink they’ll play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some lucky participants… even a chance at love.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with nine NEW kinky stories from nine USA Today and international bestselling authors!

“Brat” by Livia Grant
“Unrestrained” by Jennifer Bene
“Forced” by Renee Rose
“Edge” by Alta Hensley
“Doctored” by Sue Lyndon
“Shameless” by Maren Smith
“Confessions” by Measha Stone
“Surrender” by Maggie Ryan
“Taken” by Jane Henry

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This is such an exciting time with Imperfect Monster going live tomorrow and final edits getting wrapped up on Roulette Redux, not to mention all of the AMAZING releases that have gone out this week! We have so many sexy books to read! What a great problem to have right?

One more exciting thing to share!! Last year’s boxset ‘Black Light: Valentine Roulette’ has been nominated for the BDSM Writers Con 2017 Golden Flogger Awards for BEST BDSM Book of the Year in the Anthology category. WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Now we just have to wait and see if we make it into the finals… and maybe win?? That would kick ass! We are grateful for all the ladies who helped us make it the unique and wonderful boxset that it is. It’s challenging to put together something like this with so many couples in the same space, at the same event, but we’ve made it work and I am so glad our readers can see the effort we put into it. ^_^

Thank you for all your support, lovelies! I am walking on cloud 9 with everything happening this year!




Ohhhh, lovelies. I had really planned on having this book finished by New Year’s Day, but the stomach flu knocked me down and out for too long. I’ve made some wickedly excellent progress on it though, and that means I’m still confident I’ll be able to get it into your hands this month.
If you’re in my Dark Haven you’ve already seen sneak peeks of this intense dark romance that dives into the underworld of drugs and criminals in Miami! Check it out, lovelies, and share the love for another amazing fucking cover from the incredibly talented Laura Hidalgo! <3
Cold, ruthless, vicious.
I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it… until she stormed into the house like some avenging Valkyrie.
Brave, stupid, beautiful.
Nicky just wants to save her brother. She showed up with an envelope full of cash and a smart mouth and found herself in a den of monsters. I wish I could say I was the best of them, I wish I could say I wanted to protect her — but I’m far from perfect and she’s so damn sweet.
And all I want is a taste before this world destroys her.
I swear I’m busting my ass to get this finished and in your hands, lovelies, which means I may not be on social media quite as much in the evenings. But it will pay off, I promise!