The Fragile Ties Series Complete Collection is LIVE!

It’s been two years since I released Redemption, and what better way to celebrate than tossing all three books from this dark, intense trilogy into a single collection?


And, seriously, just look at this GORGEOUS cover from Laura Hidalgo and Spellbinding Design. Speaking of… she might have more magic up her sleeve for these books, but I’m not telling what!

Have you waited to dive into this series? Here’s your chance, lovelies!


Abducted. Imprisoned. Tormented.

Taking her was easy. Lianna was her daddy’s spoiled little princess. A beautiful, well-educated heir to her father’s corrupt empire — making her the perfect bait to bring daddy to his knees.

Vengeance. Lies. Destruction.

Forcing her to suffer and submit was thrilling… but breaking the princess was supposed to get David his revenge. Instead she’s betrayed and abandoned as the plans he set in motion tear her world apart.

Revelations. Addiction. Danger.

The truth can hurt, but in Lianna’s case it burned her entire life to the ground and left her kneeling at his feet. David isn’t a good man, but as vicious as he can be… he’s not the only monster at her door.

She’s still heir to a family name drenched in blood, and they’re not going to let her go without a fight, but David won’t let them take anything else from him, and he’s claimed Lianna body and soul.