Please Update Your Copy of Alpha’s Trust! I had a small surprise surgery before I finished Alpha’s Trust on my Cassandra Faye pen name and was still on pain meds when it came time to upload the book. Apparently, I uploaded the ARC version which did not include Mordek’s chapter (ch. 6) or the sneak peek of Alpha’s Secret. I am so sorry! The updated version is now LIVE and Amazon is reaching out to everyone via email who purchased the book to allow them to update their version. Please get the new one, and I hope you enjoy what you missed out on before!
The good news is I’m all healed from my surgery now, and as soon as I finish Scarred Siren on Jennifer Bene, I will be back with the Alphas and Karissa’s pack for Alpha’s Secret.
Thank you all for loving my twisted reverse harem omegaverse!
– Cassandra Faye / Jennifer Bene