Title: Black Light: Unbound
Series: Black Light
Authors: Lesley Clark, Jennifer Bene
Genre: MM BDSM Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2020

“A brilliant, standalone, MM romance in the Black Light series!”

Who can deny a determined Italian Dom?

One night changed the course of Jamie’s life forever.
Ripped the wild joy out of him and replaced it with trauma.
But he survived the darkness, and now one thing is clear…
He’ll never be vulnerable again.

Except Dominic has other plans.

He wanted Jamie at first sight. Imagined him on his knees,
tied up in ropes, a sweet male submissive at his feet.
And Dominic always gets what he wants.

Jamie doesn’t want his discipline, or his creative punishments,
but it’s a dangerous tug of war that Dom plans on winning.
He’ll make Jamie see that by tying themselves together,
he will truly become unbound.


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I laughed, I cried, I got ticked off and then I cried some more!! This story touched everything in my heart. Dom is just what Jamie needs and deserves…….a Dominant who is firm but will do everything in his power to help heal the heart of the man he is falling in love with.” – Rhonda, Amazon

This book has it all! The traumatic experience Jamie has to try to cope with leads him to his happily ever after. Wonderful friendship that has lasted a lifetime, a Dom who takes charge and helps him realize his strengths, and the love he thought he’d never find. I found myself laughing, crying and every emotion in between. Loved it!” – Goodreads


Dominance was an addiction he never thought he’d be able to feed again, and definitely not with the gorgeous Italian man that unknowingly teased him with every move he made as he worked out — but here it was. Offered up to him on a fucking platter, and when Dominic’s fingers dug into the back of Jamie’s neck, adding that subtle edge of control that he’d always craved, he knew he was going to do the stupid thing. The incredibly irresponsible, selfish, stupid thing.

He was going to say yes.

When Dom pulled his face back, he slid one hand back into Jamie’s hair, holding him tight like he wanted to make sure he didn’t run. “Understand, I will not make this easy on you. In fact, you might feel tortured by some of the things we do together, but I will never truly harm you. I will hurt you, and I will piss you off, but I won’t harm you. I’m not a casual dominant, Jamie. I don’t do things by half-measures. I will take everything from you. You will have no freedoms save the ones I give to you, and make no mistake, you will earn every single one of them. Nothing will be given freely, but I will protect you with my own life. No one will ever hurt you again. Only I will get the pleasure of doing that, and you’ll love every minute of what I can give you.”