I am so excited to share this with you, lovelies. One of my best friends, Livia Grant, has been having difficulties finishing her insanely complicated book, ‘Black Light: Scandalized’. So what can a good friend do but suggest they take a break and write something TOTALLY hot, naughty, and completely off-genre to help clear out the writers block bugs. Not only did she do it, she did it very well and now has a new pen name to go along with the new genre!

Introducing USA Today Bestselling Author Livia Grant, writing as Livia Bourne! Her debut story was released yesterday and this HAWT omegaverse story is going to burn up the charts. It is so totally different from her typical story style, I can’t wait for everyone to read it which is why I HAD to use it as this week’s Teaser Thursday!

* * *

Alpha’s Capture

Khalil and his elite team of Alpha warriors are strong, honorable, and completely bored babysitting their princess on a peacekeeping mission. Although the disobedient, sassy female Zahara does make things interesting for Khalil – until everything goes wrong.

Attacked. Abducted from their spaceship. Caged.

The Trakonians are the most vile and dangerous males in the galaxy, and they have developed their greatest weapon, a drug called Fragment with multiple devious forms. One that brings insanity, one that freezes you in place with pain… and the worst of all, ‘heat.’

This time the enemy doesn’t just want to kill them, they want to use Khalil’s team of Alphas for entertainment. Driven into a crazed rut by the chemical heat, there is no way to resist, no way to be honorable, and the vulnerable females from their ship are going to suffer.

* * *


Her strikingly vibrant eyes widened as she recognized him. The flash of fear he saw there satisfied him. If she could read his mind, she’d understand how very afraid of him she should be.

Prior to this interaction, he’d only thought about stripping her of her flowing frock, bending her over the nearest piece of furniture, and burying his neglected cock deep in her sheath in one thrust.  She was the kind of female an Alpha like him wouldn’t be able to resist knotting.

Tonight, due to her disobedience, he added the vision of stripping her bare and tying her down first so she could take ten lashes with his punishment loop just before he thrust inside her.  He suspected she would scream so beautifully.

Khalil came to a halt in the middle of the corridor, making it impossible for her to pass. He could see indecision on her flushing face as she debated turning and running the other way.

“You defied me.”

Her answer was delayed as she searched for an acceptable answer. Little did she know there was no acceptable answer.  The only thing that would be saving her from feeling the sting of his punishment loop on her bare skin was her civilian status.

“I was hungry, and… I needed to do some research on the vid-link in the communication pod.”

“Evening meal was provided earlier and you have a vid-screen in your suite. There was no reason for your disobedience.”

A flash of anger made her bright eyes an impossibly deeper blue as she retorted, “I am not your pet. Nor am I under your command.”

Zahara tried to step around him, but he reached to grab her upper arms, halting her in her tracks. “The hell you’re not.” Their bodies were flush against each other as he towered over her, several heads higher than she was. He waited for her to crane her neck back enough to look him in his eyes. “Everything on the Viper is under my command.”

Khalil detected her breaths becoming short as her dainty nose flared with anger. Instead of intimidating him, her misplaced anger only made his Alpha blood flood to his cock. His body was long past due for a visit to the female companion center.

“Let me pass. I am returning to my chambers.”

“Where you should have never left.”

Zahara lifted her chin as she bravely confronted him. “Why are you so worried about my safety

onboard your vessel? Do you not have control over the Alphas in your command? Are they feral, ready to mount any female that is in their presence?”

He squeezed her arms harder.

“Do not challenge me. My men are honorable, but they have also been away from the… female comforts… of home for a long time.”

She had begun wiggling in his grip, attempting to get away from the growing erection he did not bother to hide from her. If he frightened her, all the better. Maybe next time she would obey him.  Or better yet, maybe the next time he’d actually be able to show her exactly who was in charge.

He waited to see the flicker of fear take up residence in her heated gaze before he extended his arms, pushing their bodies apart, but not releasing her… yet.

“Now, I will escort you to your chambers where you will remain until the morning meal. I expect to be obeyed.  If you choose to ignore my directions in the future, you will discover how I reinforce my command.”

* * *

I absolutely love the new brand, done by the amazing Laura Hidalgo who is an absolute wizard with graphics. If you like sci-fi or omegaverse, this is definitely a book you want to pick up. While you are at it, go give Livia’s pages a little love to encourage her to keep writing ‘Scandalized’!

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Want more of Livia Bourne?

Livia Bourne is the alter ego of USA Today Bestselling author, Livia Grant. With the Bourne books, you’ll still be getting the same raw, gritty romances that will take you to the edge of your seat, but these stories will be out of this world…literally.