This past week has been INSANE, I drove 6 hours to Oklahoma with my mother to visit The Pioneer Woman Mercantile and then drove home. I had a birthday, complete with an online surprise party. I fought with my health insurance. I celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom and my kiddo. I wrote so many words.

I am really looking for things to slow down, because I am ready to hole up in my office for a week and just bask in some quiet time. Today is a good day though, and Measha Stone has a new release today that you are going to love. Have you read her Girls of the Annex series? If not you need to, take a peek at just the cover and you will want this asap!

* * *

Obediently Ever After

A visit to the Annex was meant to be a night of fun. Something to relax me. Maybe I’d find a girl, maybe I wouldn’t. I had very little expectations.

Until Angelica walked into the room looking like she stepped out of a 1952’s Home and Garden Magazine.  It wasn’t just the sexy domestic style that caught my eye, it was more. I was drawn to her.

One night. A little fun. A little roleplay.  But it wasn’t enough. I don’t think I could ever get enough of her.

But my pretty girl lied. She hides something from me, and I won’t accept that.  She’ll learn. And when it’s all over. When I’ve saved her from the demons chasing her, I’ll truly make her mine.

* * *


“Naughty girls get spankings, don’t they, Angelica?” he asked, rubbing her already-warm ass with his hands.

“Yes.” She nodded, sounding miserable.

“Do you think next time you’ll call a cab if you’ve had too much to drink?” he asked the back of her head. Her curls bobbed with another nod. “Answer me,” he said with a hard smack to her left thigh.

“Yes!” she called out.

“Good. Then we can move on to the lying portion of your punishment.” He didn’t delay another second and went about peppering her ass with harder smacks, concentrating on the delicate spot where her thighs met her ass.

“No! No!” She threw herself forward, and to the side, but he held her to him.

“The more you resist, the longer the spanking takes,” he admonished her and delivered three hard swats to the same spot.

She gasped for air and moaned. “No. Please. I already said I’m sorry.”

“And I already told you that doesn’t change the consequence.” He continued to sprinkle her ass until the slight pink darkened to a nice crimson.

She stopped fighting against him, not that it was working anyway. He could hear soft sobs escaping her, feel tension start to give way in her.

“You’ll take ten with my belt, and then you’ll spend ten minutes in the corner,” he announced after landing a hard smack to her thigh.

“The belt?” she cried. “I don’t think—”

“That’s the problem, Angel, you didn’t think. Hopefully, after you finish with the belt, you’ll remember to think before acting. Think before lying. Think how your actions have consequences. Because if you ever lie to me again, or I find out you lied to anyone else, you’ll be getting a hell of a lot more than ten with my belt. Am I understood?”

Tension eased out of her shoulders. “Yes. I understand.”

* * *

Measha writes such fun spanking books, if you are looking for a short, hot, and super fun story, you won’t want to miss this one. It is perfect to read when you are looking for something happy and spanky. And then get ready because MY story ‘Reign of Ruin’ releases tomorrow and it is the total opposite!

I have so much more to bring you, I can’t wait to share more. Get ready, because 2019 is going to be crazy with books!

Amazon: 1-click now! 

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USA Today Bestselling Author Measha Stone is a lover of all things erotic and fun who writes kinky romantic suspense and dark romance novels. She won the 2018 Golden Flogger award in two categories, Best Advanced BDSM and Best Anthology. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories in the U.S. and the U.K. When she’s not typing away on her computer, she can be found nestled up with a cup of tea and her kindle.

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