Reign of Ruin is FINALLY live and the feedback so far has been AMAZING.

“This story was absolute hell and I couldn’t put it down if I wanted to.”

“I absolutely loved how this book confused me and dragged me (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the darkness!”

“I couldn’t stop reading. Partly out of intense fascination and partly because if I put it down, I wouldn’t be able to think of anything else until I picked it back up again.”

And now you can grab your copy (if you didn’t already pre-order it and get your copy at midnight)! If you didn’t grab your free prequel ‘The Day the Sky Burned’ – don’t worry! It’s at the end of the full-length Reign of Ruin too! <3

Grab The Day The Sky Burned for FREE


I also wanted to make sure everyone knows I have never felt more loved than I did last week despite everything that went on, and for me to say that writing books for all of you is a dream come true is a serious understatement. To 12 year old me, it was an impossibility. To have friends like all of you was ridiculous…… but it happened.

And you’re never getting rid of me, so… buckle up, lovelies. I’ve got a storm of releases coming this year, surprises and all, and I can’t wait to make you all smile as much as you’ve made me smile during all the birthday love this past week!