Surprise! I have an (unplanned) book coming out on June 14th and I wanted to bring you the cover. And a warning. Like, a legit warning. No really, there is a big ol’ ???????????????????????????? in front of this book. This book is not even remotely “dark romance”. Or romance at all. Think of this more as a horror-tragedy, with extremely taboo and uncomfortable subject matter. But look how pretty the cover is!

In fact, if you haven’t read Yolanda Olson’s book “Inferno” you probably shouldn’t look twice at “Burned”. It is going to be like a horrific, slow-moving trainwreck where you’re just waiting to find out the final toll of dead and injured. There are no happy endings in the world of Inferno, it’s just dark, horrifying, nightmare fuel where a lot of people die and you have now been warned!! ???? I have reached out to a couple of people and told them specifically NOT to read this, it’s that bad. #seriously

But, if you LOVE super dark and super taboo, this is going to be amazing for you. I just really reaaalllyyyy hope you guys still love me after this one! I posted a video in the Dark Haven about why this book is happening. Come check it out HERE.

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